Smooth Stride
The original inside seamless jeans.

Smooth Stride's roots lie in Boise, Idaho where founder Marianne had a great idea: could blue jeans be constructed without an inseam?

So she set to work. The answer was "yes", and the results got great feedback.

Finally, a pair of jeans that you can ride in every day...and then muck stalls or go to the grocery store without changing! No-Inseam Jeans make chafing a thing of the past. They are as comfortable as riding breeches or jodphurs, but look, perform, wash, and wear like regular jeans. Stretch denim provides comfort and a great fit whether in the saddle or out! Real Horseback Riding Jeans or Full-Seat Riding Jeans - each provide the perfect combination of comfort and performance, fit and style.

Smooth Stride is now owned by Désirée (Smith) Johnson. Désirée is an accomplished 3-day event competitor, instructor and trainer (, and delighted to have the opportunity to to provide riders, both Western and English, with practical, comfortable, and flattering everyday riding jeans. Give Désirée a call at (509) 521-5496 or send her a message at!